December 14, 2008

A moment in time

by Maria Gornell

I watched the world pass me today
mobile silent in my pocket
back ached
fatigue overwhelmed
monotony of day
wax, shopping, home
heard the excitement
in young girls murmurs
'weekend plans'
i with none of my own..

Thoughts back to last night
'our fight'
seems so irrelevant now
new dawn hung on horizon
new cycle for you and i
staring at church steeple
in the distance
of this forgotten town

I wore a mask, smiles
tinged with sadness
if i could only transform
loneliness into aloneness
taking back my power
strong woman not
having to depend
on man to define
who i am..

world is empty
without you
difference now
no flames to rekindle
nothing died
this connection
we share is
so so rare
it frightens me
being hurt beyond
repair, we are one
and so i push you

Makes no sense
its almost surreal
neither able
to live without
slow whispers
of infinity
my love spins
in all directions
from enthralling
to destructive
never ceasing
to amaze
even me..

Mobile vibrates
in pocket
sky no longer
lonely grey
clouds lift
a moment
in time
your gentle
voice draws me
makes me
its all about
this precious
in time..

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neilandhayley said...

Keep spreading your Scouse soul.

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