December 5, 2008

Ho-sehs run

by nila northSun

the grandson
sometimes has 'r's
sometimes doesn't
his 3 word story
told one word at a time
ho-sehs (horses)
as he retells the terrifying scene
next door there are 10 horses
wild mustangs 'adopted'
the dominant male corraled
while the females and
new foals roam
the 1 acre around a
small cabin
the owner is not home
a new stallion is allowed free
which aggravates the
corraled one
til he leaps his fences
and they fight
he draws blood
then chases the other horses
round and round they race
kicking up clouds of dust
we hear the thundering hooves
and stand on the deck
they are kicking and biting
screaming horse screams
blood on mare's hindquarters
blood on new stallions neck
around and around they race
what to do what to do?
afraid they will kill each other
we call 911
a half hour later when a cop
patrols by
the horses are just standing
he keeps going
and they take off again
and we go indoors

grandson is left with his
3 word story
ho-sehs run bite.

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