December 7, 2008

Mary through the wall

by Ed Makowski

She always got home
later than us

we'd be laying there
in the dark
with the windows open
and begin to hear it again

giggling and shuffling

then the clothes would come off
and they'd move to the bed

at first she'd coach the guy,
her voice encouraging like a
preschool teacher

you could hear her grin through the wall

she'd begin making sounds,
light gasps became gentle sighs
that elongated into moans and
rolled their way into
big flopping orgasms

at some point we'd hear the guy
for about ten seconds
sound tortured
then sigh and
roll over

we'd giggle about it
and sometimes, just for fun,
decide to compete
with them

Mary's moaning wound down, then
someone would get up for
the bathroom

the next morning
my girl would begin to cook breakfast.
She was great like that.

Mary would come out of her room
find two glasses and
pour something to drink, then
lean against the kitchen counter in underwear
grinning like a queen post-douche.

moments later
a guy I'd never seen before
would lumber into the kitchen
make a point to shake my hand
and introduce himself as though
he thought I cared and
it meant something

I'd look over at my girl
handling a kitchen utensil
and our eyes would share a laugh

Mary would flit around the apartment
her big dull breasts shaking
nipples erect through a tanktop, while
the guy would try to decide
how to go about it

one morning
my girl left for work
and I stayed in her bed
nearly until noon.
When I woke up
there was no other guy.

I sat on the couch
pulling on my boots
those same flopping breasts
nipples jiggling through a white tank top
with each step
Mary smiled and talked small things while
wearing tiny underwear
and strutting around the apartment,
telling me she
had the entire day off.
She grinned at me and shrugged,
"No plans at all..."
I watched her breasts move
and wondered if that hurt.

Her hard nipples I'd seen
a hundred times
now grinning at me

While watching her butt wiggle
walking around her house
small shiny panties
I thought about it
but not too hard


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