December 11, 2008

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

by John Rocco

I was drinking
tequila and beer chasers
with the losers of literature.
At the bar were Onan, Elpenor,
Hector, Dr. No, Hugo Drax,
Dignam, Roy blinking light
his soul a dirty pigeon in
Blade Runner.
We did another shot
no salt, no lemon
no additions for losers
and as I’m looking at
the wet bills on the bar
Onan starts jerking off violently
and Elpenor falls of the stool
and breaks his neck and Hector
is sliced up like dog food on
his final chariot ride and
Dr. No gets buried in tons
of bird shit while Drax
gets caught cheating at bridge.
Dignam is buried.
Roy pulls the filthy pigeon
out of his chest and holds
it up to me. It is crawling
with lice and ticks and scorpions.
I have never seen anything
more beautiful.


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