December 24, 2008

driving the wedge

by Justin Hyde

derrick would rather be
hit by a truck
than hurt anyone's feelings,
but colton says whatever
pops into his mind,
says the guy
drinking next to me
at southport.

he's telling me
how his ex-wife
has a boyfriend
living with her
and his two boys.

says his boys
never talk about the guy
when he has them
on weekends:
how the older boy
might be protecting his feelings,
but the younger boy
blabs about everything.

doesn't make any sense,
you'd think
they'd have something to say
about the guy
one way or
the other,
he says
finishing off
his beer.

i ask my ex
about him
but she says
none of my business.
she just keeps
driving the wedge,
he says
spinning the empty glass
like a top
while pretending
to laugh.


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