December 5, 2008

The Lakeside Lounge

by John Rocco

I always thought it was named after
a horror movie
a good one
The Lakeside Massacre
horny teenagers impaled on their love
the lake of blood floating
body parts and boobs.
Tracy the bartender
(when I asked her her sign
she said STOP)
tells me it’s not
it’s named after a lake
after a lake in what state?
Hey Bone
where is the Lakeside lake?
I’m disappointed
until night occurrences occur
and I knew it when my drink
turned into the Book of Kells
Emily telling me how
Bernard Goetz, the Subway Vigilante
often brings in hurt squirrels
to her animal hospital.
I end up shirtless in the street
slapped in the face and the belly
by a beautiful nineteen-year-old.
It was a good night.


Anonymous said...

best poem i ever read!


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