June 15, 2009

Wax Stripper

by John Rocco

I spent the early evening
with the Switchblade Sisters
watching a depressing movie
about a stripper whose kid is in a
coma, whose father is Ray Liotta
GOODFELLAS Ray who says
stuff like “People who worry
about their bills are dead” and his
daughter the stripper is dead
broke, worrying about the kid
offering the dickhead doctor
her total body
doctor shithead declining
to make a miracle
for the hot stuff inside.

The wax stripper’s
father is Ray and her boss
Velvet Larry
at the strip club
is Patrick Swayze
who is really facing
the dark doorway
the postman always ringing twice.

The sad wax stripper is
Jessica Biel
who pours hot wax
on herself and Al
says: “I bet you’re
gonna write one
about the wax stripper.”

This one is for the
wax stripper
and Al and her sister
who make this
depressing ass movie
sunny and bright
crashing together genres
changing the season
turning the postman away
always twice to say
sorry geeky Aristotle
your POETICS are crap
because the sisters
are going to
work out tonight
and I’m going home
to take a vodka bath
to celebrate the girls
with Switchblade hearts
cutting into the
honey of the dark world
wax burned
killing all the sad movies
making them all happy
because as she says
their fucked-up lives
make our lives
seem so much better.

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