June 6, 2009

Linda’s Place

by John Rocco

“I just had sex 8 times,” Bianca says
coming into the bar
Linda’s place
the Bronx
for her shift
7pm to 4am
full of life
while we are dead
she loves MY FAIR LADY
she told us
while Eric and I
have been here for 6 hours
holding up our second bar
with lunatic grips moonless
for the moon’s coming.

We spent the day drinking
watching Jennifer the day
bartender rub her ass
all over the pool table
to ruin some guy’s shot
a guy who thinks the Who
is Meatloaf
but she goes home with
him anyway.

We’re caught
between shifts
at Linda’s Place
the Twilight Zone
between shifts
Rod Serling narrating smoking
the Bronx a flowing
world outside
history zoo blushing guts
seppuku America laughs
at all the guys from Queens
and Canada in the Bronx
who are really trapped
old movie cowboys at heart dead
riddled with old cold killer lead
glad to see city folk
kicking back and getting laid
for once
while we have
the land at our backs
cows running in our dreams
glasses of beer exploding
too many essays to read
all the high noons
blasted on the bullets of
the blessed Bronx angels
wearing tight thongs
not coming to see us
tonight or tomorrow
never calling us back.

We’re caught
between shifts
at Linda’s Place.
When her underwear
creeps up her ass
she calls it flossing.

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