June 26, 2009

Adderall Floating Island Dream

by John Rocco

She takes me to this
fish place
on City Island
the Bronx
giant lines
whole hungry families all waiting
for fired flounder
fried shrimp
fried octopus
fried ocean
the games bleeping green video
and the green dark dirty ocean outside
Joyce drunk
weary of it all,
sore for the next day.

She’s on line to get our
$5 piña coladas
and I’m on line to get
our fried flounder and corn.
It takes some time.
I look over at her
the Coney Island Bird Girl
holding my cash on line
in a dress she said about
“I don’t know if I should wear a dress around you”
waiting on line for
our piña coladas
too sweet to drink.

In that one moment
waiting for food
the dirty ocean rocking all our blood
I see her for the first time
the girl who can tell me
old guy
with the sea and the beach
and the dinner tonight
and the walk
on the marina
Shelley’s death boat
waiting for us
but we skip it
too much work
on the phone later
she tells me
that I give the best head
to girl or siren
she swears.

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