June 23, 2009

Golden Boy

by Randall Rogers

They say we’re only dancing
on this Earth for a short time
my problem is I don’t dance.
dancing is for pussies.

so let me bait you instead
Islam is fundamentally flawed
as are all the religions
You fucking German war pigs.

Jesus, Muhammad, all charlatans
cool dude

But with Buddha no ‘out there’ God
directing traffic down here
that can be called on to control
things, actions, cure diseases miraculously
Nobody to pray to at night pleading
“Dear God,” “Help, I need help, again,” and then
always ending the prayer with “and please make me a better writer
and guitar player and get recognized
and get the fame and the groupies
and may I grow old gracefully
get a grizzled old man good-looking face
that can still attract young and older women
and help me to curtail the panic attack freak-outs
that send me to the emergency ward where I get a room and
regular shots of liquid Valium.”
No God out there to call for help on that stuff
according to the Buddhists
it’s all inside
gotta discover or bring it out
and we are but a drop in the ocean of All.


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