September 5, 2009

plan b

by Justin Hyde

we ate drive-through burritos
on her living room couch. that picture of a horse
taped to her refrigerator.
it was drawn by her eight year old daughter. she
was at grandma's in cedar rapids for the night.
then we were in the shower. i always got them
in the shower first. she had freckles
and deep sagging ravines
at the top of her breasts. dark red
heat-marks underneath them.
wait, she said. are you sure you wanted me
not my friend?
i'd been pursuing her friend
the whole night at the bar. but her boyfriend showed
and i turned to plan b.
i wanted you off the bat
but you seemed aloof
a little stuck up
but you're not at all, i said
tucking strands of red hair
behind her ears.


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