September 12, 2009

The Media Is The Message

by Doug Draime

The news we hear
and watch
every night on t.v.
is a lie!
If not an outright lie,
then a distortion
of truth, a spin far
from the core
of reality, spinning
so fast it is a blurred

What we see and
hear cannot
be trusted!
What we read in
newspapers cannot be
trusted; news magazines
cannot be trusted, unless they are
denouncing war!

I watch t.v. :
The Discovery channel;
I’m addicted to Jeopardy!
I liked Robert Stack still looking
cool in his late 70’s ,
on Unsolved Mysteries.
I watch South Park
on Comedy Central.
But the news is calculated,
premeditated deceit, way
beyond information and
The news cannot be trusted!
I am telling you the News.
It is my news, and I prefer it
to the government's, thank you,
very much.


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