September 2, 2009

Dirty Librarian

for Georges Bataille (1897-1962)

I’m not talking about that scene in
when Debbie’s friend
gets busted blowing her
boyfriend in the library
the old thick-glasses librarian
angry and pulls her pink panties off
to spank her glowing red ass
among the stacks of books.
I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the
French guy, Georgie
the librarian at the
fancy place
the Bibliothèque Nationale
who wrote a thesis
on the training of
medieval knights
and then a book on
fucking and death
and how both are
the same thing
the end of the bullfight
the same thing as orgasm
blowing your own head off
with the chemicals in
your brain and heart
and cock and pussy
to kill the brute monster
to sell his big dead balls to the poor.

He knew it was
all true
young Georgie did
when he left his crazy
blind father to die alone
when the Germans came
in WWI
and later when
he jerked off
in the same room as
the corpse of his mother
and when he went to
Spain and saw the bullfighter
the matador Granero
get his eye poked out
by a horn on May 7, 1922.

Frenchy George
knew the score
and wrote about it
a secret hot novel
about fucking eyes
and peeing skies.

He also wrote about
the rotten sun
killing everything
ancient human sacrifice
the same as fucking today
and tomorrow
or when she can’t see
me because she’s working
a double on Sunday
she tells me
that her eyes look
puffy from crying
but all I see is her mouth
closing again
then opening to
the time she showed
me her silver cavity fillings
in the bathroom mirror
saying, “See, look at all
the fillings I have” like
they were tiny graves
gushing cum
throughout our beautiful graveyard.

by John Rocco

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xTx said...

You seriously need to call me. Like, on the phone.

Brian Fugett said...

great poem, John! I am a big fan of Georges Bataille. Matter of fact, his novel "Story of the eye" inspired the little black & white photo of the "EYE & EGGS" featured on Zygote in my Coffee! I took that picture way back in January 1996 shortly after reading the novel!

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