September 20, 2009

Parking Lot

by John Rocco

The Switchblade Sisters get thrown out of the Harbour Inn
for fighting and spilling and playing country music on the
digital jukebox, their hot Slavic blood screaming for Willie
Nelson, and for having construction workers follow them
into the bathroom only to fight with them too. Ritchie the
bartender gave me two pints earlier and said, “Good luck.
You’re going to need them.” This is my bar but the
Switchblade Sisters knife the King Rat to rule the night,
smoke like Rita Hayworth, steal free Jameson shots from the
construction workers, and break up with all their boyfriends
real and unreal. The Sisters get thrown out of the bar but they’ll
be back when tempers fade and memories dim. A bar is
a place to forget but not to forget this: watching the Sister
called the Hammer lean back, long Dostoevsky neck revealed,
her laughing face to the night sky to blow smoke at all the pussy
Gods and Devils and Stars and Volcanoes
kicking cars over losing her in the parking lot.

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