January 30, 2009


disappears behind granite
and is never heard from
again. We don’t quite
believe this. She could
have gone to the museum
or called her girlfriend
to meet her for lunch
but instead took the
metro to the cemetery
as if to lie down with the
dead one who always said
her lips brought him
back to life. It was a warm
day for December even
tho it was the day of
the least light. She was
wearing the denim mini
I had in my closet,
her hair almost as long
and red as mine. Some might
suppose I’m that woman,
it seems there are clues.
But listen, the buried
man was already dead to
me before he slept
under the grave in this
city and the me who would
have banged myself
raw on his metal
door had already grown
skin too thick to feel

by Lyn Lifshin

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paisley said...

i am really coming to enjoy your work lynn and finally looked on your website for your writings page.... holy grail!!!! plenty to read over there!!!!!

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