January 9, 2009

Sometimes it's a pleasure

by David E. Howerton

Took quiet morning
added to much coffee
deep inside
stillness twitched
looking at
empty cup
trying to decide
is it worth making
another pot of coffee.
In quiet
smell of brewing coffee
is a treat.
Poured into a cup
hot and steaming
go outside
sit in rusty red folding chair.
Sun hasn't peeked
over ridge
but morning rush
in full swing.
derive some pleasure
form frustrated looks
of drivers
stuck in long line
at stop light
half mile away
raise cup
steam bellowing.
Smile with each drink
go back inside
as sun starts to appear
over ridge showing
between pine needle covered ground
and first branches.
Get more coffee
sit in front of computer
time to start typing.


paisley said...

my most favoritest of favorite parts of every day are just as you describe them here......

wonderfully written....

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