January 26, 2009


by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

I used to worry
about Khrushchev,
Russian spies, and
the infiltration of
communists into
the American way
of life. I warned
the FBI through
and occasional
telephone calls.
I was a newlywed
then and my husband
was still my husband.
These days I am not
so sure. My husband’s
face might appear
the same, but his voice
gives him away. He
is an imposter. I want
the FBI to investigate
the man who doubles
as my husband. Now
I worry about
terrorists, who don’t
believe in our God.
They seek vengeance
upon our system of
laws and our love
of freedom. Their
infiltration is nearly
complete. My husband
is a Taliban operative.
I found his Turban
in the hamper. I found
a homemade bomb
in his pants, which I
diffused in the rinse
cycle of my washing
machine. The FBI needs
to do something before
it’s too late. My real
husband has vanished.

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