January 3, 2009


by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

All my problems
started when Selena died.
She was like my wife.
Now she is my spiritual bride.

I never met her.
But I always had this mental
connection with her.
When I would watch her on TV

I knew she was
singing just for me. I would
watch her eyes and she
would be watching me.

On the radio
we had a more intense
relationship. I
knew she was reading my mind.

I would read her mind
too and I knew we were like
Woman and man, like
husband and wife, you know.

Since she has been dead
I hear her voice, no longer singing.
She asks for my help.
But I'm helpless and hopeless.

If only the cops
left me alone, I would not be
in this situation.
I never tried to hurt anyone.

They claim I renounced
my real wife, who is not Selena.
But I have no wife,
other than my spiritual bride.


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