January 10, 2009

flowers for everyone

by Aleathia Drehmer

the bartender
feeds her manhattans,
only charges her
for every other one
making it easier on them all.

the more lubricated she gets
the farther her shirt slides
off her shoulder,
drunken body leaning
in a drunken boat
and it reveals
a tattooed ring of daisies
around her left breast.

she can't see much more
than the faint, blurred smiles
wolves licking their sharp teeth.

they want to open her up
like a flower, their mouths
stinging her like bees
touching her secrets, roughly.
they want to fill her
with the seeds of their fathers
and watch her wilt
with the poison.

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paisley said...

girl,, you can write... i am definitely putting your blogs in my reader........

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