January 12, 2009


by Lyn Lifshin

being fat until
that spring, I still
felt fat on Main St
in my town but

not when the science
fair went north,
Burlington for 3 days,
I met the kind of

long haired boy I
hadn’t. The photograph
with my eyes huge,
how the cop downstairs

groaned when he screamed
in with that Ford.
Relatives squirmed at
his name. By June I

unbuttoned my sweater,
wriggling in a back
seat near Champlain
Al Martino’s Oh My Love

I’ve hungered for so
the pink check dress
wrinkling a long time
as things inside
unchained were saying
yes, yes tho I didn’t

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paisley said...

definitely one more hit straight out of the park...

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