May 3, 2009

While I Kiss The Sky

by Peter Magliocco

When the lyrics
cut sharp corners around Deo's nose
you marveled in Judaic scrutiny,
protected by lore
I knew nothing about:
when the ease
cut the wrath-fed road
we sung times-temperate blast
out the caparisoned Volvo
& sped through absolutions
untainted as joss cream
(or wheat amid
stone harvest).
We planned together
the eternal life of love
in a sanctified pact,
never believing things
were moving us apart.
Then we gambled
& heard the dread of families
condemning our union
as an indecent affront to ethnic purity.
Recoiling from fresh slandering,
we turned our heads
to deaf ears
while the wind spirited
a jimi hendrix song
into the oil-pissed parking lot.

*Peter Magliocco has a new novel out, The Burgher of Virtual Eden from Publish America ( He was Pushcart nominated for poetry in 2008.


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