May 16, 2009


by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

When she drinks
we suffer.
She is small.
Do not be
fooled by that.
She goes off.
She threatens
us with knives,
throws coffee
cups, and blunt
objects. She
thinks she is
all right. But
she is a
time bomb, a
loaded gun,
ready to
go off. She
would not drink
so much if
she did not
have such bad
friends. They come
around and
her to go
with them and
drink. She is
a pretty
girl. She is
much better
when she takes
her pills. When
she stops them
the voices
come back and
make her do
crazy things.
When she drinks
she cannot
be controlled.


paisley said...

this sounds painfully like you wrote it about me.. thank god i choose not to drink anymore,, but there was a time.......

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