May 8, 2009


by Randall Rogers

I had a time and a half for a while there
then it all came crashing down
into shit
the flies loved it
they crawled as maggots
out of my open
speaking mouth.
And still you told the truth
and said again you did not love me
that you were with me only because of my money
not my talent looks musicality coolness my good drugs
you preferred a cigarette or two a day
hanging out with the neighborhood folks
talking till late
Why are you here? What do you do for me?
I often asked you
your response the same always
My job is to take care of you.
if we ever began I think now we are
I got a new you.
Cheaper younger better looking better at sex cleaning and cooking being friends listening tolerating my guitar and vocal stylings
than you!! Out with the old!!
In with a new, few, more!


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