May 9, 2009

a little bit burned

by Erek Smith

she burns
a business card
on the balcony

singed paper flakes
float off
into the night

"i'm kind of
a pyro"
she says
"i just
like the way
things look
when they're
looks better
a little bit

"i like things
a little bit burned

there are
two types
of people
in the world

there are those
who wear
makeup &
paint their faces
to cover up
their blemishes

& there are those
the burned ones
who wear
their life
their death
their humanity
on their faces

get off your ass
& go play outside
in the fire

get burned

i'm talking to you
reading this
sitting at the computer

i'm talking to you
reading this
w/ the TV on
in the background

& i'm especially
talking to you
backwards clone
in the mirror

you fucker

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Brian the Zygote said...

Great poem, Erek! I dig it! Double thumbs-up!

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