May 6, 2009

where the heart is

by Ronan Barbour

it's funny
but you weren't from there,
from the place where I called home
for 22 years,
and after you left me
the place no longer felt like home
and I left
after two months
and moved across the
And over here it's been not much better
but different
all the adventures I've had
the places I've been
the experience, all the different women I've ventured into
the different countries
it's been good times, yeah, great
it's never been the same world
I lived in with you.
And I know now I can't go back
that place where I lived is still there
but the place
inside me
has turned to something else.
Where the Universe stars once touched with your stalactite fingers


paisley said...

very well written.. i was drawn in and forced to remember...

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