March 5, 2009


by Randall Rogers

I left the crushing alcoholism that is
Neighborhood life
For a life drifting from country to country, teaching,

Got the stash and headed to where
The livin’s cheaper, the people probably friendlier
The women eager, available, and willing
White skin and money
What I got
In demand
Come to Asia!
More pussy ‘n’ you can shake a stick at
Or go Kingston, mon!
Everybody there have maid,
White men fuck ‘em
Best in the world weed everywhere!!!

It's a whole different world out there
Different from where I grew up, in the United States
And in spite of what you’ve read or seen on the news
They love us, we Americans, foreigners love our way!!
Not so much we liked in Europe, though, methinks,
Fuck ‘em.
Folks just want to have fun, laugh..
We Americans laugh at everything.
Most of all we laugh at our country, its influence, and ourselves.
You in the rest of the world should too.


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