March 6, 2009

Little Vietnam Woman

by Randall Rogers

Little Vietnam woman.
I hope you will be mine.

Little Vietnam woman.

Hold me like you play with a leaf
Clutch me in your tender sorrow strong grasp
Face so full of frowning joy
I too quickly blow my wad.
Later, when you all browny and small lay softly in my hairy white arms
the smell of my semen and your pussy
permeates the air
I pull her close to me, squeeze her,
our wordless way of expressing our love:
Against my body
I breathe her
I mouth taste her
hear the sweat of our hot tropical bodies
her head against mine
wilted apple blossom smell
in her hair.

I think of the Consumer Culture
and how the people here in Vietnam
are getting a big dose of it fast
the fact I think I love her
and when I was a young boy and had hair
and thought a lot about
hair products.


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