March 11, 2009

Lost My Brain

by Randall Rogers

I think she dumped me
because when she called
I was tripping on acid
and I didn’t recognize her
or her name when she told me who was
But hell, earlier I had
left my body twice
and when I got in my car
to drive home
when I finally figured out how to start the thing
and I put it in gear
got ready to go and
it appeared as if I was going to be driving
straight up!
Thought for damn sure
I’d hit another car or worse
just moving an inch from where I was parked,
and I got out and walked home.
Took me like three hours to negotiate on foot
the four blocks or so to my apartment.

Damn, ever been stuck on the ceiling holding a lit cigarette in a
limp floppy arm? burning a hole in the couch as you try to move
the damn thing to the ashtray working your body from the ceiling?


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