March 8, 2009

dancing naked at woodstock*

by Scot Young

on independence day
slow rain hitting
the tin roof
I will sit with you
in hand built adirondacks
on this porch worn
from parades
of dogs and kids
and blast the woodstock album
from vintage speakers

starting with country joe
what’s that spell?
ending with Hendrix picking
star spangled with his teeth
bouncing off the hills
echoing in the valley
like the devil set free
with too much reverberation
the neighbors will hold
a revival
at the end of the drive
look up the hill
through the trees
trying to see
us dancing crazy
naked in the rain

we will post a sign
don’t you fuckers know
how to dance?
we raise our hands
sway to
as Ritchie Havens
slaps the acoustic
close our eyes
to the sky
mouth open
catching rain drops
and imagine a
different kind
of place

*first published in Misti's damn fine Instant Pussy magazine


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