February 11, 2009

The Mirror

by JD Haywood

I stare into the mirror and wonder
Who are you?
We've been together for 45 years
And I just now realize
I have no idea who you are

Today I am a blank canvas
45 years of others' work washed away
I am clean…for the first time in my life
I feel vacant, empty, numb
Scared, but strangely peaceful

I'm poised with a brush
Having no idea what to do next
I only know that this time
The work must be my own
No one else can paint my self portrait


paisley said...

well i wish i could say that had been my response to seeing my 45 year old self for the first time... but i am afraid i must admit it has taken me the last two years and many psyche drugs to bring me back to reality!!!!!

how eloquently put...

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