February 2, 2009

the good news is zimbabwe introduced a 50 million note to buy two loaves of bread

by Scot Young

at six we mute
the nightly news
flat screen flashes
gaza children bloodied
broken dying

sudan women butchered
raped trying to bring
home jugs of water

blood splatters on cnn
a 50 inch collage of death
mounted and angled
just right on the wall

tonight we sprinkle
bean sprouts
on organic romaine
toast a chardonnay as
long range rockets hit
burning 49 civilians
without making a sound


paisley said...

exactly why i refuse to get caught up in the organic,, free range,, no nitrate,, dog and pony show... when those that need it the most, can afford to eat the best.. so will i.. and not before...

delicately phrased,,,, good work scot....

Anonymous said...

thanks paisley

Anonymous said...

yess, striking in its imagery and truth. i keep rereading it wondering what we, what i can do, to help, to make a difference. so many people are self-absorbed and it's so easy to judge them to judge myself for being that way but at the same time it's so hard to unmute images like that when everywhere you look people are unhappy and suffering and you can't help them no matter how hard you try.

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