February 7, 2009

Coney Island Bird Girl

by John Rocco

She sent me an email
about growing up in
Brooklyn after leaving
Poland where she
didn’t see a lot of
Kung-Fu movies
but did see a lot of
She wrote that
she and her sister
used to cut Jr. High
ride the trains
to Orchard Beach and
Coney Island
in the Fall
to hide from the cops.

She wrote:
“How could I sit in school
when I used to get away
with having the best adventures
haha can you blame me?”

I don’t blame you
Coney Island Bird Girl
because I am
gripped by the vision:
The waves bubble up
sea foam explosion of
beer cans and packed
treasure chests and
ghost galleons and
sperm whales eating
giant squids and the
entire ocean floor
turned upside down
and spanked to give
birth to you
riding the waves
giving two big beautiful F fingers
to the sky.

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