February 24, 2009

Backing out of the parking lot

at the grocery store,
I hit a car
also backing out,
second time I've done that,
the first time
the other driver
was a raving bitch
who screamed at me
for hitting her car
while she was backing
into me,
this time
it was a
shy, quiet dude
who apologized
even though
I think it was more my fault
than his,
my truck was undamaged,
his coupe had scratches
and a dented fender,
so I gave him $200
and said let's not call
the insurance companies,
and he agreed,
but you're likely
I'm some wealthy SOB
with hundreds in my wallet,
in my own defense,
my bills each month
amount to more than I can pay
and the 200
was intended for
a whore
seems like that's the only way
I can get laid these days,
and if you don't understand
or you think that's sad,
you know,
I agree,
but do keep an eye out
for me
when backing up
at the grocery store.

by Paul Hellweg


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