January 23, 2010

Strange Blindness - Sonnenizio on a line from Stacy Takeno

by Brandon Roy

One moment you are waiting and in the next
Breath it's all just a memory.

Two people in the
Middle of the moon.

Mixing memories and

Pieces of
The moon.

Two that are distant, one broken in
Two by the loss of the other.

A thought that
Breaks concentration.

Breathing in a memory
And exhaling a moment.


Anonymous said...

Inspiration of the Soul is shy and spare, she is such that should you seak her..she will but run and hide..for her journey is to find you...not yours to find her....to be inspired cannot be a determination of yours...yours is to bide time living the day to day...until her being...just being gives you more then you could every have thought to have wanted in the first place....

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