January 16, 2010

my new landlord

by Justin Hyde

a sandy-blond

named maria.

i'm so excited
to have a poet
for a tenant,
she said
when i
signed the lease.

i didn't tell her
i was a poet.
she discovered it
googling my name
after i
filled out
the application.

i like your stuff a-lot
most poetry is
so hard to follow
but i really felt
the emotions
you were going for,
she said
and told me her sister
teaches poetry
at creighton university -

she's going to tell her
all about my work.

i don't know
if you're married

or have a man

but i have
a good feeling
about us:

a stout
synergy of torque
at the

and now
in my own
cryptic way

i begin
to court you.


xTx said...

Just so you know, I always love reading your poems.

Anonymous said...

You rock Justin. As a matter of fact, you are the only poet I read these days.

An admirer from shitty Belgium.

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