January 16, 2010


by Justin Hyde

the left clicks audibly
like a suicidal cricket
and the right often puffs up like
roadkill possum
becoming just as useful.
just over thirty
and the body is rejecting me
faster than credit card companies.
next comes the bloating of flank
and general sausaging of features.
then it's going to be long odds
charming the young women with shaved slits
and virgin assholes
from behind their cash registers.
but a hell-bound lech like me
has too much paste in him
to put the dick to pasture
because of mobility issues
and dwindling aesthetics.
when i go completely seed
i'm going to sit on a five gallon bucket
in front of women's restrooms
with a single rose between my teeth
and gun them down
venus flytrap style.


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