December 21, 2009


by John Rocco

I was reading in a magazine
that Chris gave me
about Roman Polanski and how
when he was trying to recover
from his pregnant wife being
stabbed a million times by Manson’s kids
he went to Switzerland and discovered a town
that is the capitol of the universe for
finishing schools for girls. He used to sit in his
car and wait for them to answer to roll call
before they jumped over the wall. This is
not to knock the guy because I do love his movies
especially CHINATOWN where you do
as little as possible and his bloody MACBETH
for the wild witches and the knockdown armor fight
but he is in some trouble
for some really fucked-up shit.

Don’t get me wrong
we all know he’s guilty
and so does he and the fact
that his mother was killed in a
concentration camp
and Sharon Tate was
eight and a half months pregnant
untimely ripped by Charlie’s maniacs
does not excuse him, does not balance the scales.

Now he’s under house arrest in Switzerland
wearing a monitoring bracelet. He’s under
house arrest in the town with the most
finishing schools for girls in the universe,
his big nose pressed up against the window.

He’s guilty as in
when the husband played by Cassavetes
makes the deal with the head witch
also named Roman
and the shot is not of them
sitting on the couch talking
but of the smoke in the air
next to them
from their cigarettes.

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