December 9, 2009

Aeneas or How I Miss Her Ass

by John Rocco

“Bros before Hoes!” the God’s thunder
blasting his heartbroken brain.
He wasn’t allowed to die killing his enemies
or stay with her, Queen Super Ass.
He has a permanent hangover hard-on
remembering in pain how they did it everywhere:
the royal coach, the movie theater
his car, her great royal bed.
She had such an incredible ass
he would stare at it for days
and she would get fed up with
him and grab a piece of cheek saying:
“Cellulite!” but you know what it
really is: Angel Pillow, God’s Porn Prop.

The Gods make him leave her
sneaking away from it in the middle of the night
not calling, no more texting, no more love.
She kills herself of course and when he meets
her in the world beyond beyond
in the land past hope and fear
she steps out of the dark wood and glares at him.
He tries to talk to her, to say the final word
but she turns and goes back into the woods
still pissed, to meet her old boyfriend
taking her ass with her
leaving him alone in a world filled with the alive boring dead.

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Taylor said...

okay, #1, awesome.

#2, 'in the land beyond, beyond, in the land past hope and fear," (i bid you genie, now appear??? )wtf is that from. it's sparking something I can't place. HELP ME OR I WILL DIE!)

Steve said...

there's just nothing in this world like a girl with a phat ass . . . great poem.

db cox said...

From the 7th Voyage of Sinbad:

Sokurah the Magician: "From the land beyond beyond... from the world past hope and fear..."

Tasha_Klein said...


xTx said...

i just bought a box set of those old sinbad stop animation movies. fucking love them. (loved this too)

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