December 28, 2009

the greatest truth we have ever been shown

by J.J. Campbell

i woke up this morning with
a bad back and a bleeding
asshole and i thought to
myself now there's a good
title for a memoir

and as you slowly lose blood
you enter this bleary-eyed
insanity where serenity is the
devil and evil is the greatest
truth we have ever been shown

pointless emails

the same porno over
and over again

just different lips on
different shades of cock

the morning liquor just doesn't
have the same effect anymore
after staring death in the face
and forgetting to blink first

but it all goes back to my
parents for they raised me
to be competitive

if i would have been taught
failure is fine i wouldn't have
to bore all of you with these
words right now

so blame them

feel free to send all your love letters of hate to


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