October 29, 2009

there was a blanket on her eyes so I left her in the tree just in case she might grow wings

by Ken Michael

the drops of rain dance
with the leafs
passing on an echoing breath
through the streets,
calling all those dark rooms
to disappear with the sun.
the roads beyond the windows
beg for isolation
from the raging waves of
metal plagued torrents.
keep your floors sullen and cold
this evening,
she needs her rest,
(a peek inside)
---beautiful dandelion slumbers
shower in the dimness of
her dehydrated room---
So all I ask you is
please rest today,
and all.
All cradle to the womb while
The keyboard prays for
Your demise
For the next 4 hours.
Leave your twins at ease
And quiet the satellite whispers.
Please all just rest today
I haven’t heard
the light
calling yet,
And I ain't
back for it either


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