October 11, 2009

that's entertainment

by paul harrison

she was there
at the gig
with some fag
climbing all
over her back
or at least i
hope he was &
i touched her
arm & turned
away & laughed
at the insanity
of love &
outside smoking
a joint said
to the drummer
-still on the
lemon, lime
and bitters
i see
somewhat bitter
myself &
he said -yea
& i said -i’m
impressed &
he said
-no need to be
that’s what
you do when
the doc says
you’ve cancer
of the liver
& i swayed
a bit from
all the bourbon
& pot as
tex swam the
cruel sea
& sang like
a poet with
gravel in his
for the woman
with a thing
for irish men
to pick me up
the woman who’d
sorted mail 2
yrs longer than
buk & we went
back to my room
& fucked bareback
-any way you want
until she left &
then i took
my daughter to a
circus with other
thrills & said
now that is
impressive as
the clown, juggler
and 2 other
crazies rode
a globe of death
1 sunday afternoon


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when you do it well you really do it well

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