October 25, 2009

it’s still a good deal

by John Grochalski

the country
has gone to financial
yet the train rides
have gone up
the cheap
red wine we drink
has risen
almost four bucks
the cost of
a wednesday night pizza
has risen too
and now
the bar
this dive
this hovel
has decided to raise
their prices
fifty-cents on a draft
fifty-cents on a bottle
a buck on well drinks
and a quarter
for a glass of wine
the bartender
shrugs an apology
and pours me a draft anyway
and when i get it
the head is already gone.
yeah, it sucks, he says
but over in manhattan
a draft like this
would cost you almost double
so it’s still a good deal
if you think about it.
yes, i said,
having a sip.
and thank the lord
for small miracles.
and thank
the bar owner
for his benevolence
during these
tough times.


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