June 9, 2010

the last five days

by Justin Hyde

i've been suspended from work
without pay
for abusing sick leave.

got it in my head
to go the whole stint
without speaking
to another human.

almost made it
but sitting at the laundry-mat
struggling through
descartes' ineptitude
a little hispanic girl
appeared over top.

she winked
and said: mister
hold onto this
no matter what
don't say anything
pinky swear?

i pinky swore
and closed a
red matchbox car
in my fist.

pretty soon
an older hispanic kid
was rooting around
under all the tables.

my benefactor
followed him.
coy smile
plastered on her face.

he started crying
making a scene.

his mother said
if he didn't calm down
she was going
to spank him.

i want my car!
he stomped
his foot.

mama took him out
and we saw him
get a thrashing
through the window.

she winked at me.

i winked back.

not sure why she did it

but i've been a big brother

i'm sure

the little bastard

had it coming.


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