June 20, 2010

If there’s a Heaven

by Charles Portolano

I watch her walk

to the bow of the boat,

she stands strong

against the harsh wind

that rushes past her,

pushing her long,

auburn hair back,

silhouetting her face,

her cheeks now raw,

burning bright red,

looking like an angel,

she turns towards me,

laughing, throwing

her arms open wide,

“My God,

how exhilarating!”

She parades past me,

leaving her scent

of lavender swirling

endlessly around me,

exhilarating me!

I could taste her

on my tongue.

Then she is gone.

I look everywhere

on that boat for her,

the last one to leave.

High and dry, I am

all alone with only

her words I heard

calming my inner

wild child,

touching me

all these years

in my dreams…

“My God,

how exhilarating!”

Her voice will be

the last thing I hear

while on this earth...

Charles lives in Fountain Hills, AZ. He started writing poetry 14 years ago to celebrate the birth of his daring, darling, daughter Valerie. He wanted to preserve all the memories of the first time she walked, talked. Valerie was born with many obstacles to overcome giving him much to write about. Writing soon became his way of saving his sanity. Valerie is doing great now; she is quite the young writer. He has a new collection of poetry out, Storytelling.


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