June 18, 2010

Eleven Haiku / In a Narrative Sequence / Designed to Insult

by Scott Owens

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I am going to
write a haiku for you now --
There! I have done it.


This poem is not
a haiku despite the fact
that it seems to be.

By the Numbers

Five syllables to
start the poem, then seven next.
Five again to close.


It cannot be that
simple. Just five syllables,
then seven, then five.


How many haiku
must I write to illustrate
such simple design?

Craft of Culture

This reminds me of
Gary Snyder’s Axe Handles
or Stephen Bishop

How we go on and
on, on and on, on and on.
Indeed, not far off.


I wonder just how
many haiku writers I
have pissed off with this.


The banal haiku
tumble down the page -- Listen!
Are those stones I hear?


The poets are restless.
They think I’ve harmed their children.
Their torches are lit.

They’ve sharpened pitchforks
and carry plenty of rope.
It’s time to shut up.


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