May 30, 2010

Two Crushed Hearts And Accidently Stepped On Cups

by Melis Ozturk

We each had a red cup
of cold beer in our hands.
I don't remember how many times
we got them refilled,
Do you?
But I do remember making quick,
underage love in my bed and
when we were done, you saw
neatly pinned pictures of
sex icons lined up
in alphabetical order and,
Playboy magazines stacked with
blonde women and their bodies
looking ten times better than yours.
I didn't say it out loud to your face but,
it slipped out with accident,
(I may have had too much.)
You said, "Fuck you"
and walked out.
(You might've given me the finger too.)
"Aw, Fuck."
Waking up with a hangover,
I see the red cups that
were in our hands last night,
(crushed accidently on the floor.)


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