May 19, 2010

Pit Stops

by John Rocco

The King of Speed gets his teeth cleaned
the astounded dental assistant
pulling out beer cans and license plates
fish heads and Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
deep flossing thongs and the bleeding hearts of the damned.

She tells him to rinse.

She goes back to it like a coal miner
and out pops all the women
he’s ever loved and almost loved
saying things like “I did it for you”
and: “ I didn’t date him, I just fucked him”
and: “I didn’t have sex for a year. Can
you believe that?” like it’s a goddamned miracle.

The King of Speed with clean sharp teeth
goes to a funeral
but it’s all fun for all
because the guy was 99
and loved to drink.

Later, over 3 Bloody Marys
the King of Speed runs
the teeth cleaning circle complete when
he confesses to the dead guy’s daughter
who is in her 60’s
that as a boy she was his first
sexual obsession
her tight full ass packed in short shorts.

She responded by telling him
how she loved to go to
cold supermarkets in the hot summer
in her short shorts
to play with the cucumbers
to drive all the stock boys crazy.

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