May 21, 2010

Driving on Stilnox

by George Anderson

I awake
my girlfriend on top
aggressively shaking me,
totally pissed off.

‘Where’s my fucking car?’

I have no recollection
absolutely no idea what she is on about
I go back to sleep.

The next night in the garden bar at Ryan’s
I talk to Pommy. He reckons
I came in totally wasted:

‘You looked like a zombie,
an automatum’.

Said I skulled three schooners
one after the other
said fuckall
then split.

I remember going to bed early that night
about 11
downed a small red pill
crossed myself
contemplated the white rabbit.

The car is found a week later
trashed near the bowling club.

In the glove box there is a traffic fine for $220

‘Driving a m/v in a dangerous manner at night.
No headlights. Flat right rear tyre’.


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