February 1, 2009

My Home Borough

by John Rocco

It’s all out of order
all upside down
Chaos King lunch specials
featuring two horses
eating each other.
The center can’t hold shit.
It was a rough weekend.
I can still feel the floor on my face.

In Queens
the heroes are everywhere
packed in plastic
dying to explode
their deeds on their faces.
I come from the
land of heroes
singing blood songs down
Union Turnpike
where everything is
just because she
wasn’t there tonight.

I can hear it in the traffic,
I can feel it in the pipes.
She’ll be back and the
Caged bird I’ve been
looking for, lost too long,
will attack me in a bar
demanding that I buy
her a drink
her stockings perfect black
diamond divisions
of what lies between.

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