February 26, 2009

For One Night Only

by Kathryn Mitchell

That one October
We ran around like every night was Halloween
Today you can be ex-junkie in oversized shades
Tomorrow I’ll be hungover fuck up in last night’s clothes
Platinum blonde hair and Marlboro reds
Tripping our way down Bowery
To the Poetry Club
So we could see your boy of the day
Spit a mediocre rhyme
Over mediocre wine
And the early mornings found us in Brooklyn bathtubs
And through the window the jagged skyline jutted out
Just like your collarbone

But the winter froze your toes and iced your heart
You never got used to saying Houston right anyway
No goodbyes
Just a half-empty bottle of Tito’s with a note
“Drink it up and then fall down. But only in that order.”

They won’t remember your name
But I will
I’ll remember you in home-made soups
And corner booths

For a girl that bled the Texan sun
You sure were fucking pale

*Kathryn Mitchell is a 21-year-old student living in New York City.


eyesliketwenty said...

I think I know this girl... haha. Great work Ms. Mitchell from New York, hope to read more soon.

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